Königsee, Germany (11 June 2016) – Yet again, another paradise on earth. Upon reaching our destination after a really early train ride to Königsee, we were greeted with amazing clear crystal blue waters. Although the weather wasn’t really in our favour and it was already drizzling, the waters were still a breathtaking blue, though it’d probably be even more so when the sun is up and shinning. We took a boat ride, passing between towering rock cliffs. At one point, boat guide told us to shut the windows on one side of the boat while opening up the rest on the other side, took out his trumpet, played a few notes and paused. We waited in anticipation, everyone silent and listening attentively. To the surprise of everyone on the boat, we could really hear the notes being echoed back a few seconds later. Absolutely unbelievable. And the sound of the trumpet echoed was faint but crisp and clear.

We reached our first stop at St Bartholomew around lunchtime. The famous church probably most popularly seen in postcards was just as picturesque as it looked, with the Alpen behind and the lake reflecting the red domed church. We did a mini Rundweg since we only had an hour to explore but just walking alongside the lake enjoying the gorgeous view was more than I can ask for.






We took another boat ride next to our next stop to hike to a waterfall that’s supposed to be the largest one in Germany. We hiked along the lake and the lush greenery, pretty easy for the most part until we reached a steeper section of the route that was made more slippery and muddy due to the rain that was getting heavier.

We saw A LOT of cows along the way and the Scheiße they left behind. UGH. But well at least the cows were cute and friendly and didn’t mind us approaching them! We continued hiking but it got to a point where rain was really making things hard for us so we stopped halfway through and decided to head back. We still managed to see the waterfall but probably just not as close up as we’d liked to.

This trip was so so worth it. I’ll definitely be back again when the weather gets better and I can only imagine how gorgeous it will look on a sunny day.


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