Ghostly Gorgeous Mittenwald

Mittenwald, Germany/Austria (12 June 2016) – Right after the trip to Konigsee was another hiking trip to Mittelwald which was just as amazing. Our main route for the day was to visit the Gorge of the Ghosts (Leutasch Geisterklamm) , hike up to a restaurant called the Hut, hike back down to the village of Mittenwald where we will take the train back to Munich.

Our first stop was a short trail to the waterfall. We had to pay 2.50 euros to enter but it was definitely worth going! It brings you into the innermost region of the gorge with the foamy waters flowing fast beneath you and where you reach the waterfall at the end.


Then it was our turn to hike through the Gorge Ghost Trail. It’s really designed to be family friendly with educational stops along the way and stories about goblins and ghosts. We even saw a man carrying a baby who is probably only a few months old on his back!The hike was really easy at the start with the path already paved out, but after awhile it got a little harder when we had to hike up to a restaurant called the Hut which was a little steep and slippery but thank god the weather was great and it wasn’t raining like it was yesterday. At one point we even crossed the border of Germany and Austria, indicated by a square stone brick with T on one side and A on the other.

After what seems like a never-ending series of twists and turns, we finally reached the HUT. And it was totally worth it because we had the most amazing view of the Bavarian Alps around us that looked completely picturesque. Amazingly the weather did not disappoint like it was predicted to by the weather forecast, and the sun was shining in all its glory.


We chilled around for a good two hours or so before making our way back down. Fortunately we did not have to take the original path and going down was so much easier.


Then we reached the village of Mittelwald which was so beautiful and I especially loved how the houses were so colourfully well painted. The whole town pretty much could have popped out of any fairytale story though it felt a little like a ghost town especially since it was a Sunday with all the shops closed and barely anyone on  the streets. We had some ice cream and just sat around to enjoy the peace of this tiny town among the alps. Perfect way to end the day I say!


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