Krabi in 4 Days

My final trip of the year 2016 to Krabi came up pretty suddenly by my parents one day, but of course I’d jump at any chance to travel anywhere anytime. It was definitely a nice little family trip that ended off the year on a good note!

Krabi, Day 1 ( 19 December 2016) – We reached Krabi at around 4pm so it was pretty much spent chilling about, familiarising ourselves with the place and making plans for the next few days. After checking in at our hotel, we headed over for dinner.

Ao Nang Fiore Resort
Really peaceful resort with an amazing view of the mountains in the distance since it’s on a hill, which also meant that it was quite far from Ao Nang Central. They do have a shuttle bus every two hours which was convenient but when there’s no crowd, make sure to double confirm with the reception that the shuttle bus will be running. They have buggies which bring you to your guest rooms but since we didn’t stay too far up we could still walk if we wanted to. You can imagine the craziness on a rainy day when everyone is asking for a buggy, especially those staying at the top heh. Besides the inconvenience, it’s definitely good to chill!UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_6885.jpg

Dinner: Lae Lay Grill
Dinner here was at this hilltop restaurant was definitely a great start to our trip !Our hotel recommended the restaurant to us and dropped off us off there. Otherwise, they offer free pickup services too if you call them up in advance.  It would’ve been great if we had a table next to the view but it was fully booked since it’s apparently quite a popular place to eat at. But the view of the mountain and the sea was still stunning! The weather was great too so we managed to catch the sunset though it was, sadly, partially blocked by the mountains. Food wise was great too! Honestly, as long as it’s Thai food I’m happy enough.


Krabi, Day 2 ( 20 December 2016) – We decided to go for the Four Islands Tour inclusive of Tup Island, Koh Gai,Koh Poda,and Phra Nang Cave.The lady who sold us the package last night  picked  upup at 8.45am so we didn’t have to get up earlier, which was really nice of her! After gathering a big group of around 35 people we headed off to the speed boat, and they spared no empty seats at all.

First Stop: Tup Island
Our first stop was Tup island where we saw the sand bar connecting two islands at low tide and waddled our way through it, the deepest part though reaching our slightly above the knees.



Second Stop: Koh Gai
Then it was chicken island which we didn’t get to stop at but was more of a photo spot where we took turns taking a picture with the chicken.


Snorkelling came after that where we jumped off from the ship head. We saw quite  a lot of corals and shoals of fish feeding on the coral reefs , and spotted the colourful parrot fish once in a while amongst them pecking at the coral with their sharp “beak”.

Third Stop: Koh Poda
Lunch was at Koh Poda which the organiser brought from the main island. It was simple but nice and we had fried chicken and Thai curry which you can’t go wrong with. The island probably would’ve been nice if it wasn’t really packed with people plus it didn’t help that it started to rain…

Fourth Stop: Phra Nang Cave
Finally we stopped at Railay beach to see the Phra Nang Princess cave, a shrine filled with wooden phallic shaped carvings offered to the princess which was hmmm weirdly interesting…but we spent most of our time here watching the rock climbers navigate themselves up the steep limestone towers.

Dinner: LongTail Boat Bar & Restaurant
Located along Ao Nang Seafood Street along a several other seafood restaurants competing with each other, we decided to settle on this one after walking near to the end simply because…it said TripAdvisor Award. Not sure how reliable that is but all the restaurants there were so similar we had a hard time choosing and this one just stood out with that TripAdvisor branding heh. The food was decent but also quite pricey and we ordered the seafood set meal. The restaurant boss is an Italian guy who came in halfway showing us a huge fish he ordered (We thought he fished it out from the sea himself actually), which explained why they had a section on Italian food at the end. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great so we didn’t see any sunset, though it would’ve been so pretty since we were dining right next to the sea. Fancy view fancy food.




Krabi, Day 3 (21 December 2016)- Spent the day touring around Phi Phi Islands. Was initially hesitant on going on another island hopping trip because we thought it might be similar yet even more crowded and the weather didn’t seem to be great but really glad we did! We were lucky enough to have the sun and though it was crowded, it still didn’t take away the beauty of the place.

First Stop: Bamboo Island
Our first stop was at Bamboo island which had really clear blue waters and the tide was quite strong. Didn’t see any bamboo but lots of driftwood and fallen trees.

Bamboo Island

Second Stop: Monkey Bay
Then we stopped by Monkey Bay for snorkelling, named after the greedy monkeys that dominated the island of course haha. Since the sun was out it was perfect for snorkelling and saw such a variety of corals! Though, it was quite dangerous since the long tail boats were going in and out of the area where we were snorkelling…

Third Stop: Vikings Cave & Pileh Bay
They brought us around to Vikings Cave and Piley Bay where geography comes to life as we were surrounded on both sides with towering limestone karsts. Everyone on the boat was busy snapping away pictures because it was so gorgeous.

Vikings Cave
Pileh Bay

Fourth Stop: Maya Bay
Finally the all famous Maya Bay where “The Beach” was filmed. I was expecting the crowd so that’s all right, but the place was still as beautiful even with all the people and speedboat parked along the shoreline. Though  I can only imagine how amazing it’d be if it was isolated. We dropped by Lo Sa Ma Bay on the other side of the island with a really nice lookout point and was where they apparently shot the final scene of the movie.

Maya Bay


Lo Sa Ma Bay

Fifth Stop: Snorkelling
We went on our final round of snorkelling at a and saw a lot of fish here!This time round with our waterproof phone pouch I was able to take some pictures and videos at last!

Dinner : The Last Fisherman
So we stumbled on this restaurant on our last dinner here, this time attracted by its dine by the beach concept located at one end of Ao Nang.  After trying our luck to catch the sunset by the beach (which we failed), we decided to check out the stretch of restaurants which we’ve never noticed previously and found this hidden at the end, though extremely popular and full of people. It definitely had that beach holiday carefree vibe and when it got darker, the flickering fire on the stands that line the restaurant front gave off a really exotic vibe. We were lucky that we were there early enough to get a table directly in front of the beach and ordered the BBQ set which was super filling for the 3 of us and really worth it! Salad and dessert was buffet style too and we spent 1800 Baht for a really full meal. Ended it off with some coconut ice cream from the roadside stalls which I’ve been craving to try.



Krabi, Day 4 (22 December 2016)- Basically chill day again since we were flying off at noon. Took our time having our breakfast buffet here with the pretty view and went for a swim in their infinity pool which I’ve been eyeing since the first day.



So that marked the end of our Krabi trip! Till next time!


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