Hallo zusammen!My name is Doris and I come from the sunny island of Singapore! If you’re trying to find it on the world map it can get a little tricky because it’s really just a tiny dot on the tip of Malaysia!Right now I’m on exchange in Munich. I’ve always wanted to start a blog during my exchange to document everything down for me to read through next time but ended up procrastinating. Yup what’s new. Thankfully my first assignment for one of my modules here is a self introduction blog post on the lmuexchange blog and that got me started!

Well Munich  has been amazing so far and I’m really lovin it!  In fact just being in Europe is pretty much a dream come true. Those quaint little towns with a medieval charm that transports you back into the past as you stroll along cobblestone streets and narow alleys, picturesque mountain scenaries, meadows with blooming flowers and majestic castles…these were the things I could only dream of visitng when I was younger and it’s hard to believe that I’m really here and experiencing it all now for real. I’ve always heard a lot about Munich and fell in love with this city brimming with culture, diversity and a charming mix of the old and modern when I made a day trip down from Mannheim last year. Not to mention, the fact that it’s located at the heart of Europe is definitely an added bonus that helps to satisfy my wanderlust!

Now fairytale dreams aside, improving on my German would be another reason for choosing Germany. Ever since studying abroad during secondary school, I’ve fallen in love with learning new languages. Spanish classes were compulsory in school and it’s so funny to think how extremely against I was towards learning a new language which I thought was just going to be an additional burden. That definitely changed after my very first Spanish class which later on became my favourite subject in school, and even got me interested in learning French. Having never touched German in my life, I was really curious to find out how different or similar it was to the other European languages. I decided to take German classes in school and ended up applying to Germany for exchange. So here I am finally embarking on my exchange adventure!

With the clock ticking away and only a few months left, I definitely hope to make the best of my time here in any way that I can!