Enchanting Chania

Chania, Cretes (23 May 2016) – Gorgeous place stumbled upon because of crazy expensive tickets that forced me to do a detour. Who would’ve expected that?
After spending a night at Athens airport because of the 5 hours transfer, I finally landed at Chania airport early in the morning at 6am. Getting to the hostel went pretty smoothly but being way to early, the hostel wasn’t opened for check in yet. I wondered around and decided to make my way towards the direction of the sea and found a bench facing the sea.

So there i spent a few hours, nibbling on some chips saved (luckily) along the way and spent the rest of the time dozing off or reading a book.

When I finally checked in, I was told that breakfast was available and it was great to see a proper kitchen and ingredients for you to make your own breakfast. Awesome!

Having breakfast, a guy from the hostel told me that they are organising a trip to Balos Beach which I have never even heard of. Well I didn’t do any research , just planned on going to the old harbour and walk around, not much of a plan really. I would gladly go with them but it cost 25 euros, pretty expensive for someone who’s crazy on budgeting so i was really hesitant about it. And then I decided to google it and read amazing reviews about the beach which really got me tempted. With a bit more prompting from the hostel owner  who told me about the cute little goats you would see there (Yup, goats, that’s all it took to get me persuaded) I decided to go with them.

The bus ride there was looong. We had to go through a crazy rocky winding road before reaching the beach. It was a really scary ride and the bus was practically on the edge of the cliff. One wrong move and…gosh don’t even want to think about it. When we finally reached, oh my there were really  GOATS everywhere! They came up to us blatantly asking for food and totally unafraid. After a few quick snaps with the camera and squealing over their cuteness, we made our way down a rocky path to the beach. It was another long winding road walking between the valley and for the first time after Iceland I could feel the grandness of mother nature that made me feel so insignificant. Suddenly, the hills began to slope away and there right before my eyes was the blue sea, stretched out in front of me, shimmering in different shades of blue. I was speechless. It was not your average beach I’m telling you. There were patches of white in between the sea where the water was more shallow and the water was a crystal clear baby blue shade.

The excitement to get to the beach was real. When I finally reached and turned back to see how far we came, I was pretty surprised at how high the cliff was. But it was amazing to be surrounded by pristine blue waters , and the waves were the gentle kind that lap gently at the soft white sand in a steady rhythm. I wadded around in the water since I forgot to bring my swimsuit, but it was more than satisfying. I felt lucky and grateful enough to be there, with some lovely people from the hostel, just chilling and enjoying the precious short time we have at paradise.



The time to go back came way too soon but we had no choice, the tide was already rising and the sandy white path which we came from was already submerged in water. Lucky for us it was still shallow enough to wade through.

After reaching our hostel, I took a quick shower and went out to check out the old harbour. Yes I was tired, especially from the lack of sleep the previous night at the airport but I guess sheer determination got me going. The sun was already setting and it was a really nice walk to the harbour with the sky painted in hues of pink, orange and yellow. There’s something about the Old venetian harbour that made me fell totally in love with it. The quaint narrow alleys and mixture of architecture from the Ottoman and Venetians were nothing I have ever encountered before.  I just felt a tinge of regret at not being able to see this place during the day, especially during sunrise.


The town was already buzzing with life from the cafes and restaurants that lined the port on one side. I had dinner later on at one of the restaurants near the port with some people from the hostel and we had pizza to share and a huge bowl of salad each. Even found out that the girl from Italy was flying to Rome tomorrow morning just like me!What a coincidence!Was pretty glad that I’ll have some company on the plane the next day. Our meal ended with a bottle of free alcohol, ice cream and cake (which I was obviously more interested in haha) thanks to our lovely waiter.

It’s such a shame I couldn’t stay here for a few more days but Chania you can be sure I’ll be back.